Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Purchases & Acquisitions: June 2015

There was shopping/swapping this month, so much shopping/swapping! Well maybe not so much with the shopping but, definitely with the swapping... let me explain. I have been feeling the urge to shop in the recent months but, after my extreme closet purge that increased exponentially. I sent my Mom the picture of the finished product and she took pity on me bringing over some things form her closet that no longer fit her last weekend. Then we scheduled a time to go see the local tailor by her so that I could salvage some of my favorite items because tailoring is a great option instead of heading out and buying all new clothes

Unfortunately/fortunately, we didn't make it to the tailor because I was raiding my Mom's closet for things that no longer worked for her. I made out like a bandit (kinda literally) with bags of sartorial goodies. Ironically, many of those items had previously been mine going as far back as high school, for serious. It's a good thing that my mother doesn't have my penchant for closet clean outs but, I digress...  Even though the tailor was closed we consoled ourselves by heading over to one of my favorite second hand stores and she bought me a few things because she's super nice. The "damage"  is as follows... 

Goodwill $20.48 Amazon Local Deal
  • red dress, Taylor 
  • brown striped dress, Bailey 44 
Current Consignment $15.64
  • eggplant suite, Nanette Lepore
  • cream pants, Vanessa Bruno
  • gray tank top, Bailey 44
Unique Thrift Store $45.22 c/o Mom
  • beige pinstripe capris, New York & Company
  • brown plaid pants, New York & Company
  • khaki green bermuda shorts, Forever 21
  • black pinstripe suit, Anne Klein
  • retro inspired polka dot pumps, Bakers
Mom's Closet Raid Cleanout
  • red dress, eShakti.com
  • blue floral lace dress, eShakti.com
  • black and white houndstooth faux wrap dress, eShakti.com
  • gray scoopneck t-shirt, New York & Company,
  • red scoopneck t-shirt, New York & Company
  • black sheath dress, Books Brothers
  • black sleeveless polo shirt, Lacoste
  • white sleeveless polo shirt, Lacoste
  • black polo shirt, Lacoste
  • black capri leggings
  • black embellished t-shirt, Merona
  •  khaki skirt, Ann Taylor
  • white linen pants
  • denim skirt, LOFT
  • black lace dress, H&M
  • black sweater dress, Pink Rose 
  • lime green scoopneck sweater, LOFT
  • ivory scoopneck sweater, LOFT
  • hot pink scoopneck sweater, LOFT 
  • yellow scoopneck sweater, LOFT 
  • green scoopneck sweater, LOFT 
  • black scoopneck sweater, LOFT 
  • green cardigan sweater, New York & Company 
  • purple cardigan sweater, New York & Company
  • light brown plaid suit, Sweet Suit
  • brown polka dot suit, Donna Sands
  • purple tweed skirt, Norton
  • black and gray plaid skirt, NYCC
  • ivory and beige skirt, Theory
  • gray pencil skirt, Emanuel by Emanuel Ungaro
  • blue and gray dress, Old Navy
  • gray cropped blazer, I.N.C. 
  • black and brown plaid skirt, Worthington
  • black t-shirt, Chanel
  • blue ombre tank top, Xhilitration
You were worried, weren't you? It really wasn't that bad after all, after all of the fun new things I added or welcomed back to my wardrobe I ended up only spending $15.64 at my local consignment store. We'll see how I do next month since I will spending time visiting my favorite shopping destination my cousin and you've seen how that goes...

Monday, June 29, 2015

Sick Day

Well actually I did. I'm so on top of things I even scheduled this post ahead of time and am at the doctor right now! I know, I know: Mind. Blown. I'm not sick just managed to schedule a few check ups into one day so it only made sense to take the day off instead of trying to cram in heading to the office for less time than it took me to get there or working from home. I'll be back tomorrow with regularly scheduled programming outfit posting.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Summer Interviewing

Today Yesterday Wednesday was another interview open house for work. As you (probably) know that means that I lean towards traditionally professional office attire AKA suits but, that had been a challenge for me given my recent weight loss. Yup, you've heard this all before. Either way today yesterday Wednesday/picture taking Sunday I couldn't wrap my head around idea of wearing all that anyway, it's hot outside! Yay, summer but, I digress... instead I went with the next best thing, a dress. I think it will be like the moving forward in the summer as the interviewer perhaps not if I was the interviewee...

While this dress still fits, for the most part, it is lower cut than I would like. I am excited that I am able to wear different things and smaller sizes now because of my less body that doesn't mean that it's all going on display; modestyremember? As you might notice I didn't take the picture while wearing a tank top underneath but, after I put the dress on in the morning and went through my morning ablutions, I quickly noticed that things kept popping out so, tank top to the rescue, for the modesty.
  • Toppurple, white, and black floral print dress, LOFT; black tank top, Old Navy (not pictured)
  • Shoes & Accessories: black peep toe wedges, Dr. Scholl's; pearl earrings, Macys

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Part Time Party Planner

As someone who (apparently) exudes creativity and organizational prowess I often find myself tasked with putting together celebrations or acknowledgements (of some kind) in the office from conceptualization to day of implementation. Recently, my department has had groups of interns coming through and while we don't pay them we want to acknowledge their efforts and tremendous assistance, things don't just file themselves you know! Today Yesterday it was time for an intern appreciation celebration.

On days like today yesterday I have to wrap gifts, circulate thank you cards, stop and pick up a cake (that I order in advance,) all while making sure that my normal work obligations are seen to as well. Not unlike any other day I want to be professional but, on these days (especially) I want to be extremely comfortable. Comfy top? Check. Skirt? Check. Not high heels? Check. Mission accomplished. Also, the celebration was a huge success.
  • Top: black short sleeved sweater, LOFT
  • Bottomteal, brown, black, and ivory pattern skirt, New York & Company
  • Shoes & Accessories: black Olivia sandals, Dolce Vita; black pearl earrings, International Gem and Jewelry Show 

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Like A Champ

Life happens, motivation gets focused elsewhere momentarily but, not for long! Get ready for ALL the outfits... or just from this week so far.

I am here and ready to go, Monday! Even though I am feeling completely drained from my weekend (ALL the barbecues) and having a less than smooth morning I am still in the mind frame of getting things done. I'm sure getting my morning coffee will just keep that momentum going and I will be the most productive me I can be when I get to the office. Or at least that's what I am focusing on to continue the motivational attitude.
  • Top: teal ruffle embellished shirt, LOFT
  • Bottom: beige pinstripe skirt, New York & Company
  • Shoes & Accessoriesbronze gladiator sandals with genuine stone embellishments, bo'em; tigers eye earrings, Citygirl Accessories

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day

Friday, June 19, 2015

Denim Who?

Don't panic, I haven't completely forgotten about or given up on denim. It's just that sometimes it's (almost) summer and you want to wear a skirt with boat shoes to work instead of jeans. Also, sometimes you want to wear primary colors in a non-patriotic way but, I digress...  The skirt and topsider combination has happened before and I'm sure it will happen again before the summer has ended. While on a whole I feel like this ensemble is a little too casual for your average day at work, it's the shoes, (again,) it's perfect for casual Friday. Isn't it amazing how one small items makes such a big impact? Although, if I was wearing them with pants I'm not sure these shoes would have such a noticeable impact. Thoughts?
  • Top: blue shirt, LOFT
  • Bottom: red eyelet lace skirt, Old Navy
  • Shoes & Accessoriesbrown top-siders, Kimmie Smith for Sebago c/o Sebago/Robert Verdi's Luxe Labpearl earrings, Macys; vintage pearl necklace, my grandmother's jewelry box 

(Business) Casual Friday

This outfit is from last Friday, and you thought I forgot... Today it's two for one, again!

It was another non-demin (kinda) casual Friday. As much as wearing jeans on Friday is something that I love, for a number of reasons, there are times when it is just more appropriate to skip the denim. For example, performance evaluations or recruitment events. Today Last Friday was the latter. While, I wouldn't normally schedule an event like that on a Friday a community partner that I have connected with was handling everything for me so, it was only appropriate to work within the parameters of their availability. Even though I wasn't in my full interviewing regalia I was definitely in a more professional frame of mind than on an "average" casual Friday. I think that counts for something. 
  • Top: white ruffle embellished shift, LOFT
  • Bottom: brown and blue plaid pants, C Wonder
  • Shoes & Accessories: beige flats, Coach; peach cushion cut solitaire earrings, c/o Sorelli

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Define "Too Big?"

This dress is another example of something that might be past its (sartorial) expiration date (for me.) Moment of honesty: the first time I wore this dress it was a bit tight for me. So tight, that I split a seam at the waist while getting into my car at the beginning of the work day, awkward turtle (for real...) Thankfully, at the time, I was wearing a belt so I was able to cover it up and my Mom fixed it with her mad sewing skills. Fast forward to right now and this same dress is big.

Thankfully it still works (for now) and I am gong to give it a reprieve from the donation bin. Through this whole wardrobe purge process I've found it much easier to be forgiving (of size issues) with skirts and some dresses as opposed to pants and shirts. I have mixed feelings about keeping these clothing items around. It's a positive thing in terms of the fact that I am not completely lacking items to wear but, as a strong supporter of the closet purge, I feel it easy to get comfortable with those items, because they are there and they "work," even though they don't actually fit and they should (probably) go. Am I just being too picky?
  • Top: black dress, Maggy London via Unique Thrift Store
  • Shoes & Accessories: black t-strap sandals, LOFT; silver bead earrings, Tiffany & Co.;

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White Time

This outfit is from last Thursday, and you thought I forgot... Today it's two for one!

Memorial Day was some time ago and I have not been taking advantage of my new found super power ability to wear white as much as I should/would like. That's going to stop last week now! This skirt has been one of  my "go-to" summer pieces since my college days (not to date myself but, that was a while ago.) It's been an easy item to pair with any most of the tops in my wardrobe and instantly elevate their level of summer appropriateness to "spot on." Bonus: it's super comfy. Unfortunately, my body has changed considerably since then and this might be the last summer that I am able to utilize this skirt. I was (kind of) taking a chance wearing it last week; one good tug and awkward turtle... It's a good thing no one is out there waiting to pants me. 
  • Top: teal floral embellished t-shirt, Merona
  • Bottom: white skirt, GAP
  • Shoes & Accessories: silver peep-toe wedges, Seychelles; silver bead earrings, Tiffany & Co. 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Past Due

While going through my closet was a monumental task, both on a physical level as well as an emotional one, there was one positive outcome that I can identify (so far) beyond simply having clothing items that fit. I came across many items that I had not worn in some time for different reasons. With this dress it was because it was a little small. While I might have been able to wear it prior to this point (metamorphoses don't happen overnight, unless you are Gregor Samsa) I haven't because when I looked at it the stigma of a small size/tight fit was attached.

Now that I have less face I was excited to try this dress on again. When I did I was disappointed to discover that it is actually a little big. Like other items in my wardrobe, which had previously been too small, this dress has passed it's point of usefulness (for me.) It's a little bitter sweet to find out that an item you had been waiting to be able to wear again is not viable and you missed the mark for whatever reason. As I have been moving around it it today I have also found it to be a little too short (modesty, remember?) Sigh, another one bites the donation bin.
  • Top: gray shirt dress, New York & Company
  • Shoes & Accessoriesgray cap toe ballet flats, Guiseppe Zanotti via Buffalo Exchange; silver bead earrings, Tiffany & Co. 

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Retro Reminiscent

It's amazing what small changes do to change something as a whole. Example: add hydrogen to oxygen and it makes water. Science. I digress...  the first time I looked at these pants the only thing I could think of was golfing. I would just like to be clear and confess that I am not actually a golfer. Fortunately for me them I have preppy fashion sensibilities because that impression made it a done deal and I had to have them even though they will probably never hit the links.

As I look for items from my (now minuscule) wardrobe to pair them with (in non golfing life) this combo that I ended up with invokes images of a beehive hair-do or perhaps a headband, cat eye sunglasses, and melamine pitchers filled with lemonade at a bygone picnic that never existed in my lifetime. I think it's the shoes. What do picnics have to do with work? Nothing, but, while I am reminded of an older time this is still a professional ensemble for the office especially on a cold summer spring day.
  • Top: black cardigan, Merona
  • Bottom: tailored crop plaid wool pants, GAP
  • Shoes & Accessoriesblack peep-toe wedges, Dr. Scholl's; black pearl earrings, International Gem and Jewelry Show 

I most recently wore this sweater here.

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Monday, June 15, 2015

Make It Work Monday

If you follow me on Instagram (like you should) you probably witnessed the extreme metamorphosis of my closet over the weekend. Sufficed to say I was an amalgam of emotions. Accomplished? Yes! Sad. Totally... While I did not invent the closet purge I do consider myself an aficionado despite my emotional conflict. Maybe it's because of my love of fashion, or my obsession with organization, perhaps my personal/professional ability to make unbiased judgement (ahem recruitment,) or a combination of everything; Either way, I'm exceptionally proficient at it, or so I thought...

I hadn't been completely honest with myself about what was really going on in my own closet. While I had previously purged my closet and gotten rid of a large amount of things it wasn't really a true representation of everything that no longer fit me. Part of my difficulty posting last week was because the items that I would pull from my wardrobe to make amazing ensembles were not actually viable options (AKA too big/loose/unflattering) and it prolonged the entire process. So, this weekend I focused on being truly unbiased and got rid of all of those items. In the end I was left with a sparse selection of clothes from which I was able to piece together this ensemble.
  • Top: beige/metallic striped sweater, Ella Moss via Ashby
  • Bottom: black capri pants, Lands End
  • Shoes & Accessories: gray cap toe ballet flats, Guiseppe Zanotti via Buffalo Exchange; coin pearl necklace, V'ta jewelry; coin pearl earrings, gift from Mom

I most recently wore these pants here.

And The Winner Is...

Congratulations! I will be in touch shortly with details about your prize. Thanks to everyone who participated. I will hopefully have another giveaway in the works soon so stay tuned!

Friday, June 12, 2015


This ensemble was another example of me not appropriately judging the season that we are in. It wasn't as serious as "sweater-gate" but, there was a definite disconnect between what I had selected over the weekend based on the weather report and the actual weather. The swap that I made from the original ensemble was sandals for shoes, a simple but, awesome smart move. When else am I going to wear the oodles of sandals that are occupying space in my shoe closet?
  • Top: maroon dolman sleeve blouse, Style & Co.
  • Bottomyellow/brown and rainbow plaid skirt, WDNY 
  • Shoes & Accessoriesbronze gladiator sandals with genuine stone embellishments, bo'em; coin pearl necklace, V'ta Jewelry; coin pearl earrings, gift 

I most recently wore this shirt here.

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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Questionable Decision

Remember how I said I hated all the outfits that I put together this past weekend? This ensemble was a prime example; more specifically the first iteration of it. That outfit went something like this: Pants? Yes. Sweater? Whaaaa? That's right, for a hot second I was going to wear a sweater to work in the middle of June. In my defense it was a lighter weight sweater but, as the awkward colder weather has passed and temperatures are (appropriately) warming up I might have melted. So, to prevent melting I went through my closet again and came up with a different outfit. Thoughts?

  • Top: orange crochet embellished t-shirt, LOFT; black blazer, Ann Taylor
  • Bottom: gray plaid pants, Womyn via Current Consignment
  • Shoes & Accessories: black pumps, Nine West; black pearl earrings, International Gem and Jewelry Show

I most recently wore this blazer here.

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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Teacher Dress

I'm sorry for the gap in posts; life happens, as you know. My personal style mission hasn't changed so, I am getting back to it... One of my biggest challenges this week so far was that I, kind of, hated (almost) every outfit that I put together over the weekend. So, instead of being able to post everything in advance, even pictures were taken, I ended up second guessing my ensembles, coming up with new (more awesome) outfits, and taking more pictures. Yes, it was as frustrating as it sounds. Now about those clothes...

This ensemble reminds me of something that a teacher would wear, right? Maybe I just had very fashion forward instructors when I was in school throughout the years. Either way, I was leading some trainings on Monday so, it was a teacher's outfit (technically.) This dress was my first experience with eShakti.com and I'm glad that it still fits (for the most part.) I didn't do much customization the first time around (other than adding pockets) but, the classic style and quality is something to note in the world of fast-fashion that we live in.
  • Top: red blue bird printed dress, c/o eShakti.com; gray plaid blazer, Jones New York
  • Shoes & Accessories: black peep-toe wedges, Dr. Scholl's; gray labradorite earrings, Pennyweights

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Monday, June 8, 2015

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Friday, June 5, 2015

Half Day

Tomorrow is my test. I haven't been studying as much as I would have hoped so, it's cram time! I'm heading into work super (duper) early to get some last minute things out of the way for next week and then I'm turning around and heading back home to Starbucks to study my flash cards and take some practice tests. I am feeling 60% percent confident at this point so hopefully after all that I will be more so... I'll let you know how it goes, wish me luck.

While it is casual Friday, as well as a half day, I really wasn't feeling a denim ensemble. Instead I was feeling inspired by the season and my new found ability to wear white so, forget you (for now,) denim. While I don't strictly adhere to these unspoken known fashion rules they are in my mind from younger years when (I feel like) it was more of a "thing." Do you wear white before Memorial Day? How about after Labor Day? You rebel... Also, this is how grown ups mix patterns.
  • Topnavy and white striped shirt, Christopher & Banks
  • Bottomcream and navy printed skirt, Libertine for Target
  • Shoes & Accessoriesbrown top-siders, Kimmie Smith for Sebago c/o Sebago/Robert Verdi's Luxe Labsilver bead earrings, Tiffany & Co. 

I most recently wore this shirt here.

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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Decisions, Decisions

I (unlike some people, apparently) am a proponent of a basic suit under the right circumstances. It really ups your professionalism and sometimes that is just what you need depending on the situation. Case and point, I am working out of the office today at an event so, normally, a suit combination would be my "go to" ensemble. I want to be comfortable (for the round trip drive, the running around, etc.) but, obviously I also need to represent.

Unfortunately, a perusal of my assemblage of current suits was unproductive, to say the least but, I think we already knew that. It might be time to set them free, maybe... There is always that "what if" situation where one might need a suit last minute. The real questions  is what's worse: not wearing a suit and relying on separates or showing up in a suit that is obviously one two sizes too big? I opted for the former scenario since wearing clothes that's too big (or small) looks unflattering but, is also uncomfortable.
  • Top: beige floral dress, Merona via Ashby
  • Shoes & Accessories: gray pumps, Steve Madden; dangle silver bead earrings, gift from co-worker

I previously wore this blazer here.

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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Ray Of Light

I think this is going to be the nicest day of the week but, that's not saying much. There is actually a little sun next to the clouds in all the forecasts as opposed to little rain drops or more clouds. I hope the weather is lying again, it's almost officially summer and 50° in June doesn't work for me. Heavier jackets and turning on the heat on are done until the fall, darn it! Ok, I've complained about the weather enough.

Since there wasn't any rain forecasted I was excited to be able to wear a skirt. After reflecting on the 260 Days, No Repeats "archives" it is well documented that I (apparently) prefer skirts to pants. I'm not exactly sure why. Maybe it's because skirts (and dresses) are easy to wear, or maybe because I have lots of them and the possibilities are endless. Either way, I have a feeling that skirts are going to be just as prevalent now as they were in the past as long as the weather gets it together but, I digress...
  • Top: white, black, and pink paisley tank top, WUHOU via Big Fat Flea; black short sleeved blazer, Juicy Couture via Ashby
  • Bottom: gray pencil skirt, New York & Company
  • Shoes & Accessoriesblack pumps, bflexible by Bandolino; black pearl earrings, International Gem and Jewelry Show

I previously wore this blazer here.

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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Summer Chill

I feel like this weather is really cramping my style. It's June right? Yeah, I thought so. So, shouldn't we all be commuting in flip flops and worrying about dressing for increasingly warmer weather to survive the heat instead of hauling out rain boots and scarves to stave off the cold? OK, I'm glad you agree with me... Maybe the weather will be a liar in our favor and it will say rain but, there will be sun and warmth. That would be great because I would love to grab a fun skirt or dress instead of pants (again.) At least I didn't have to tuck these... 
  • Top: purple crochet embellished shirt, LOFT; black blazer, Ann Taylor
  • Bottom: gray pants, Ann Taylor via Goodwill
  • Shoes & Accessories: black pumps, Nine West; silver bead earrings, Tiffany & Co. 

I most recently wore this blazer here.

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Monday, June 1, 2015

Function Over Form

Today's outfit was born from necessity. After the mini tornado yesterday (hail, no joke,) non-stop torrential down pour overnight, and ongoing showers this morning things are pretty gross. Despite the fact that on Mondays I try to like to keep things positive there is no way around that statement, it's a fact. Fortunately, that doesn't mean I can't motivate and make it work; I'm channeling a "storm" outfit (that's what boots and skinny pants are for after all) which is appropriate for what the forecast suggested.

You would assume that skinny pants were something readily available to me but, you would be mistaken. I recovered these from the tailoring pile because they needed hemming. Also, these pants are a size (or three two) too big. I'm hanging on them because they are stretchy and they work for now. Also, I'm tired of having to replace clothes but, I digress... I'm not sure how much longer these pants (and other items I'm too stubborn to let go of) will last
  • Top: navy boatneck sweater, LOFT 
  • Bottom: gray skinny pants, Mossimo
  • Shoes & Accessories: black motorcycle rain boots, c/o Cougar AND leopard print flats, Seychelles (not pictured;) vintage silver earrings, my Abuela 

Giveaway: Nailipop Manicure Strips

Moment of honesty, I went tried to go to a local nail salon yesterday and get my nails did. Instead there was a mini tornado that kept me from leaving the house. While, sometimes you have to know when to call in the professionals and this was could have been one of those moments, it wasn't... downed trees and disabled cars prevented me from being able to get anywhere even though the weather calmed down. Since I hadn't been keeping up with my own manicures my nails and cuticles were in rough shape. Thanks to some expert pampering (by me) everything is back to normal so next week I can get back into "do it yourself" mode maybe try again.

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