Friday, September 4, 2015

Long Weekend

Are you guys all ready to say goodbye to summer? Good, neither am I. However, I do plan on enjoying every bit of this (extra) long weekend. Like always, if you follow me on Instagram (like you should) you'll be able to check in to see how things are going... what are your plans?

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

A Favorite Contradiction

This dress is definitely one of my favorites. If I wasn't trying to wear a different ensemble to work everyday for a year you would be seeing more of this dress, for sure. Naturally, as I considered what items to keep, tailor, donate, or sell from my recent closet purge this dress made it's way into the tailoring pile quickly. When the Jason Wu for Target look book came out this was my absolute favorite of all the items out of the few that I was interested in. On top of that fact it was the only item that I could get my hands on when I went to the store. How could I donate or sell something I all but, had to fight for? Obviously, it wasn't even an option.

While we are in the month of September I am still clinging to summer; It is my (favorite) season. The hotter the better... I realize I am in the minority with that sentiment. Pumpkin spice, Halloween decorations, and changing leaves can put a pin in their inevitable decent. Conversely, the one thing I am excited for is to be able to get back to layering things; Blazers? Yay! Sweaters? Wonderful! While this is contradictory to my appreciation for warmer temperatures it is one of the things I appreciate about the fall season. I am a contradiction, wrapped in an enigma but, I digress...This dress would look so cute paired with a blazer, don't you think?
  • Top: navy poplin dress, Jason Wu for Target
  • Shoes & Accessories: silver peep toe wedges, Seychelles; dangle silver bead earrings, gift from co-worker

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Fresh Start

Let's get real! Sorry I have been MIA for the past month(ish.) Long story short, things at work got cray cray, think 10:00pm in the office most nights cray cray. Sufficed to say sleeping and grown up chores took up the rest of my extremely limited spare time. Before I knew it on top of work, chores, and other obligations I wasn't going to the gym or cooking healthy dinner regularly. We'll call that the turning point... I spoke with my supervisor about managing my time differently and she was ok with what I came up with. Hopefully this change will positively impact both my professional and personal time and enable me to do the things I need and want to do without feeling wiped out.

In terms of blogging, I was taking pictures of ALL the outfits but, I wasn't being diligent about keeping track of what was being worn on what days so I have made the executive decision to start again today with my "one year no repeats" mission instead of stressing about getting everything sorted out. This is supposed to be fun after all... Now, about this dress. If you follow me on Instagram (like you should) you would have seen the massive pile of clothes that I took to the tailor last month. While I could have donated all the clothes that didn't fit me and bought new or "new to me" things it seemed like a waste of time and effort when I could just have the items that I really loved (like this dress) tailored to fit me now.  
  • Top: khaki green shirt dress, New York & Company
  • Shoes & Accessories: beige striped pumps, Manolo Blahnik; yellow shell earrings, Steve & Barry's

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Monday, August 31, 2015

Weekend Wear: I'm On a (Birthday) Boat

You may or may not know that August is my birthday month! If you follow me on Instagram (like you should) then you would have gotten a proverbial play by play of all the fun things that have been going on. Sufficed to say birthdays are a big thing for me. In keeping with that fact I had charged Hubby with putting together a celebration since this year was a big one but, I am not a huge fan of logistics and planning when it comes to my own birthday. What he, and his assistants/besties of mine, came up with was completely unexpected; he charted a boat (the whole thing) for me and my friends to sail around New York City for the entire evening. There was excellent company, dancing, drinking, yummy food, and amazing views; it was so much fun!

I had picked this dress out for my birthday celebration months ago having no prior knowledge of what we were going to be doing, other than having a great time. While, I may not have known what the exact plans were I knew this dress fit and showed off my transitioned self in a great way so it, as well as the accompanying four inch heels, became non-negotiable in my mind. In retrospect my fixation on wearing this specific ensemble undoubtedly stemmed from the fact this is not a look I could have pulled off a few years ago, at least not comfortably. I am in better shape now that I was in high school and if a party for me (or everyday generally speaking) is not the time to celebrate/flaunt that, I don't know when will be.
  • Top: beige striped bandage dress, Bailey 44 via Goodwill
  • Shoes & Accessories: silver peep toe booties, Carlos by Carlos Santana; vintage silver earrings, my abuela

Weekend Wear: (Surprise) Wedding Guest

I am alive! I know it's been a while and I will get into that but, right now I have a much more important question: Have you ever had someone close to you call you and announce that they are getting married? Yeah ok, totes normal. How about with the ceremony occurring within 48 hours of that conversation?! Me neither, that is until my cousin (bestie/partner in crime) called me on Thursday afternoon, before the most recent long weekend, to inform me that her and her boyfriend of a decade were going to tie the knot on Saturday. After the initial shock/excitement/panic/happiness I went into honorary bridesmaid mode trying to determine what the plans were, what (if anything) she needed me to bring, and how I could assist with things leading up to the ceremony.

It wasn't until much later that day that I started thinking about what my plans would be for the wedding? More specifically, what would I wear for the festivities? With the limited amount of time I had (understatement,) I needed to find something in my closet that would be appropriate. Thankfully, over the past few months, since the purge, I have been intermittently shopping and picking up items, with no rhyme or reason but, that fill gaps in my wardrobe. This amazing maxi dress seemed like a no brainer for a summer soiree but, not really for a wedding ensemble. My apprehension stemmed from the fact that "they" say you shouldn't wear black to weddings. In the end my cousin was ok with it so, what do "they" really know anyway?
  • Top: black, red, and white polka dot maxi dress, Banana Republic via Clementine
  • Shoes & Accessories: tortoise shell Wayfarers, Ray Ban via Lenscrafters; black Olivia sandals, Dolce Vita; pearl earrings, Macys