Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Teacher Dress

I'm sorry for the gap in posts; life happens, as you know. My personal style mission hasn't changed so, I am getting back to it... One of my biggest challenges this week so far was that I, kind of, hated (almost) every outfit that I put together over the weekend. So, instead of being able to post everything in advance, even pictures were taken, I ended up second guessing my ensembles, coming up with new (more awesome) outfits, and taking more pictures. Yes, it was as frustrating as it sounds. Now about those clothes...

This ensemble reminds me of something that a teacher would wear, right? Maybe I just had very fashion forward instructors when I was in school throughout the years. Either way, I was leading some trainings on Monday so, it was a teacher's outfit (technically.) This dress was my first experience with and I'm glad that it still fits (for the most part.) I didn't do much customization the first time around (other than adding pockets) but, the classic style and quality is something to note in the world of fast-fashion that we live in.
  • Top: red blue bird printed dress, c/o; gray plaid blazer, Jones New York
  • Shoes & Accessories: black peep-toe wedges, Dr. Scholl's; gray labradorite earrings, Pennyweights

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