Monday, June 15, 2015

Make It Work Monday

If you follow me on Instagram (like you should) you probably witnessed the extreme metamorphosis of my closet over the weekend. Sufficed to say I was an amalgam of emotions. Accomplished? Yes! Sad. Totally... While I did not invent the closet purge I do consider myself an aficionado despite my emotional conflict. Maybe it's because of my love of fashion, or my obsession with organization, perhaps my personal/professional ability to make unbiased judgement (ahem recruitment,) or a combination of everything; Either way, I'm exceptionally proficient at it, or so I thought...

I hadn't been completely honest with myself about what was really going on in my own closet. While I had previously purged my closet and gotten rid of a large amount of things it wasn't really a true representation of everything that no longer fit me. Part of my difficulty posting last week was because the items that I would pull from my wardrobe to make amazing ensembles were not actually viable options (AKA too big/loose/unflattering) and it prolonged the entire process. So, this weekend I focused on being truly unbiased and got rid of all of those items. In the end I was left with a sparse selection of clothes from which I was able to piece together this ensemble.
  • Top: beige/metallic striped sweater, Ella Moss via Ashby
  • Bottom: black capri pants, Lands End
  • Shoes & Accessories: gray cap toe ballet flats, Guiseppe Zanotti via Buffalo Exchange; coin pearl necklace, V'ta jewelry; coin pearl earrings, gift from Mom

I most recently wore these pants here.

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