Monday, June 1, 2015

Function Over Form

Today's outfit was born from necessity. After the mini tornado yesterday (hail, no joke,) non-stop torrential down pour overnight, and ongoing showers this morning things are pretty gross. Despite the fact that on Mondays I try to like to keep things positive there is no way around that statement, it's a fact. Fortunately, that doesn't mean I can't motivate and make it work; I'm channeling a "storm" outfit (that's what boots and skinny pants are for after all) which is appropriate for what the forecast suggested.

You would assume that skinny pants were something readily available to me but, you would be mistaken. I recovered these from the tailoring pile because they needed hemming. Also, these pants are a size (or three two) too big. I'm hanging on them because they are stretchy and they work for now. Also, I'm tired of having to replace clothes but, I digress... I'm not sure how much longer these pants (and other items I'm too stubborn to let go of) will last
  • Top: navy boatneck sweater, LOFT 
  • Bottom: gray skinny pants, Mossimo
  • Shoes & Accessories: black motorcycle rain boots, c/o Cougar AND leopard print flats, Seychelles (not pictured;) vintage silver earrings, my Abuela 

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