Monday, August 1, 2011

August 1, 2011: A Whole New World

So, we all know that I've been a little MIA (sorry) and it hasn't been just about life (work, personal obligations, health, etc.)  The obligation that I felt to keep up with the days I had missed was very daunting. Because I have pledged not to wear a repeated outfit to work for another year I  was stuck on the idea of documenting every single one even when I wasn't at a point where I was realistically able to due to other more pressing obligations.

I have finally gotten a good handle on my schedule, commuting, the job expectations, etc. and am more comfortable in general. These past six months have honestly been a huge challenge. So, I sat down with myself and had a conversation where we unanimously decided that it would be best if I just left all the old unfinished posts behind and kept moving forward. Not to say that I won't try to revisit the missing outfits but, I just can't keep scrambling to catch up to the point of burning myself out which is exactly what has been happening.

On to more fun things; It's my birthday this week and I am making even less of a big deal about it than last year. I planned a few small get togethers but, haven't really thought of anything I want. What I could probably use most would be a vacation but, that isn't happening for quite a while and now that I've figured my schedule out that isn't such a big deal but, when the time comes it will be glorious! What would you ask for if it was your birthday?

And now on to the clothes... keeping it professional while staying cool has been a challenge. The proverbial "they" says "Dress for the job you want" but, I would melt in a suit! So, a sweater vest seemed like a good compromise to me. What are some of your summer work staples?
  • Top: white polka dot button down, Merona for Target; purple, gray, white, and black argyle vest, New York & Company (same vest different color here and here)
  • Bottom: gray pencil skirt, New York & Company
  • Shoes & Accessoriesblack patent leather t-strap pumps, Ann Taylor Loft; silver bead earrings, Tiffany & Co.; black and gray purse, Pietro Alessandro

Items from this outfit have been previously seen and remixed here here, here, herehere, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here:

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