Monday, July 13, 2015


I'm sure you've noticed that things have been a little cray cray for me recently. No? I guess I'm doing a better job at covering it up than I thought but, it's time to come clean... While life things can sometimes feel overwhelming things at work, specifically, are out of control right now. Long story short; two higher level people in my department resigned for other opportunities (yay for them) then, my director was asked to resign per an internal investigation (we wish her the best) and the same day someone who she brought on walked off the job due to the aforementioned requested resignation (I have no words.)

In the course of thirty six(ish) hours the staff in my department decreased by fifty percent and everyone is being asked to step up and help out because, naturally, the work load has not decreased. I have also been asked to take a key role in finding/training replacement and taking on more things. This is my moment... As such, I have picked out outfits this week with the knowledge that everyone will have their eyes on the remaining members of my department. This jumpsuit was an easy "yes" because it is professional but, comfortable. Also, there will be blazers! At least when I think I can handle the heat. I am ready to get to work and make sure that everything continues as needed (professionally and personally) and am confident that it will but, wish me luck anyway.
  • Top: black and white jumpsuit, Mossimo via Ashby; black blazer, Juicy Couture, Ashby
  • Shoes & Accessories: black pumps, Nine West; silver wire flower earrings, MOMA 

I most recently wore this blazer here.

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