Monday, August 31, 2015

Weekend Wear: I'm On a (Birthday) Boat

You may or may not know that August is my birthday month! If you follow me on Instagram (like you should) then you would have gotten a proverbial play by play of all the fun things that have been going on. Sufficed to say birthdays are a big thing for me. In keeping with that fact I had charged Hubby with putting together a celebration since this year was a big one but, I am not a huge fan of logistics and planning when it comes to my own birthday. What he, and his assistants/besties of mine, came up with was completely unexpected; he charted a boat (the whole thing) for me and my friends to sail around New York City for the entire evening. There was excellent company, dancing, drinking, yummy food, and amazing views; it was so much fun!

I had picked this dress out for my birthday celebration months ago having no prior knowledge of what we were going to be doing, other than having a great time. While, I may not have known what the exact plans were I knew this dress fit and showed off my transitioned self in a great way so it, as well as the accompanying four inch heels, became non-negotiable in my mind. In retrospect my fixation on wearing this specific ensemble undoubtedly stemmed from the fact this is not a look I could have pulled off a few years ago, at least not comfortably. I am in better shape now that I was in high school and if a party for me (or everyday generally speaking) is not the time to celebrate/flaunt that, I don't know when will be.
  • Top: beige striped bandage dress, Bailey 44 via Goodwill
  • Shoes & Accessories: silver peep toe booties, Carlos by Carlos Santana; vintage silver earrings, my abuela

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