Friday, November 5, 2010

Night Out: Gala

I got an invite to the very exclusive gala for my company about a week ago. Last minute, I know but, I was more than happy to oblige. I mean who wouldn't be excited for free dinner in a fancy hotel on Fifth Avenue?! Plus, this was a low stress situation; I already had a dress to wear, or so I thought... This unfortunate weight gain made that prospect null and void (maybe next year) and I was all of a sudden dress-less.

I resigned myself to try and make my Monif C. Marilyn Convertible dress work for the event; With 22+ different ways to tie it there had to be something that worked for this occasion, right? Not so much... Even though the event was not black tie the dress was too plain for evening wear. Now I was really in a tight spot, let the stress commence.

Enter my local Loehmann's! I got a coupon in the mail and thought, "Why not?" It was a good move because they saved me with a nice selection of modest pieces (it was a work event after all) and this lovely Calvin Klein dress was the winner. Seriously, if you are ever in need of a dress for a fancy occasion head to Loehmann's, if you can, they have an awesome selection! What do you think of the final ensemble?

The best part of this dress is that I don't have to count it in my purchases for November! Why, you ask? Because it was free! BF had gotten a rebate on our new cell phones and he gave it to me to get the dress (what a sweetie.) Still, I didn't want to squander all our free money so I was a discount ninja when it came time to check out. Let me break it down for you: Original cost of the dress $128.00, Loehmann's price $59.99, Gold member discount: $6.00, 15% off coupon discount: $8.10, Price after discounts, $47.90 (w/ tax) minus a gift card: $15.00, Final price: 32.90. I was honestly impressed with all that and still had money to give back to BF! I love it when things work out like this... What's your favorite discount ninja memory?
  • Top: gray sheath dress with pearl embellishment, Calvin Klein via Loehmann's
  • Shoes & Accessories: black and gray leopard print peep toe pumps, Hollywould for Target. Does anyone else remember that line?; pearl earrings, gift from Mom; black satin clutch, Old Navy (not pictured)


  1. Absolutely love the phrase "discount ninja". So awesome! Also, I really like the bead detailing on the dress. Adds pizzazz.

  2. Love the detail along the collar. You look smashing in that dress that I think would look great on me too. My speed exactly, and the price was just right.

  3. Oh, so beautiful.... thanks for sharing:)))))


  4. Very pretty dress. CK always makes such beautiful clothing, so simple and elegant at the same time.

    You look great :)

    Em K

  5. this dress really is a winner - it's super flattering and I love an amazing bargain!
    Plus, I'm sure with tights and a cardigan, you can dress this down for the office.

    Love how you did your makeup, super subtle and simply stunning!

  6. You look spectacular Iris..... it's just perfect :)


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