Friday, July 10, 2015

Blaze Laser Blazer

You thought I was done with blazers for the season, right? Well, that would make both of us but, we were wrong. Even though the temperatures have been climbing it still seemed appropriate to incorporate a blazer in this outfit for professionalism. While it might have been a good idea in terms of the office dress code it was a bad idea in terms of surviving the day. Although it was rainy and that helped cool things down but, by the time I made it into the office I was still melting and since our air conditioning is controlled by someone who must always be hot it wasn't as refreshing as I would have liked. I ended up spending portions of the day with my blazer off (scandalous) thank goodness for this cute shirt.

Speaking of this shirt, I picked it up while I was away this past weekend. While perusing the racks as one of my favorite second hand shops I was reminded (by myself) that I didn't need to be relegated to only searching the M, L, XL racks for clothes and that I could take a peek at the S or even XS (gasp) racks. This is partly due to the fact that my body has changed but, also  because clothing sizes are skewed depending on material, designer, production year. Remember that when you are shopping second hand and you might find some treasures (like this shirt) that you would have missed otherwise. I was initially attracted to the rainbow of muted colors but, was sold when I saw the embellishment around the collar. Can you see it? No, well they are basically fabric colored bead necklaces sewn to the collar; sounds weird, looks adorbs.

  • Top: multi-color dot shirt, Boden via Ashby; brown blazer, LOFT
  • Bottom: khaki pencil skirt, The Limited via Current Consignment
  • Shoes & Accessories: gray pumps, Steven Madden; blue goldstone earrings, International Gem and Jewelry show; 

I most recently work this blazer here.

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