Thursday, June 4, 2015

Decisions, Decisions

I (unlike some people, apparently) am a proponent of a basic suit under the right circumstances. It really ups your professionalism and sometimes that is just what you need depending on the situation. Case and point, I am working out of the office today at an event so, normally, a suit combination would be my "go to" ensemble. I want to be comfortable (for the round trip drive, the running around, etc.) but, obviously I also need to represent.

Unfortunately, a perusal of my assemblage of current suits was unproductive, to say the least but, I think we already knew that. It might be time to set them free, maybe... There is always that "what if" situation where one might need a suit last minute. The real questions  is what's worse: not wearing a suit and relying on separates or showing up in a suit that is obviously one two sizes too big? I opted for the former scenario since wearing clothes that's too big (or small) looks unflattering but, is also uncomfortable.
  • Top: beige floral dress, Merona via Ashby
  • Shoes & Accessories: gray pumps, Steve Madden; dangle silver bead earrings, gift from co-worker

I previously wore this blazer here.

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