Monday, November 29, 2010

November 23/24, 2010: Two Birds, One Stone

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving! Did anyone go black friday shopping? What kinds of deals did you get? I know it's been a while but, don't worry I didn't slip into a food coma or get trampled I was just enjoying some family (and recovery) time. I'm catching up tonight before I have to get back to work tomorrow. We will be back on track darn it! I'm just grateful to have had an extra day before heading back to work but, I digress...

Because this past week was a short one (boo being sick, YAY Thanksgiving) I was actually only in the office for two days. In the interest of expediting my catching up I have decided to combine both outfits into one post, genius I know! On Tuesday I was still in recovery from being sick. So, I opted for comfy knit pants and an office appropriate t-shirt. My hair had a mind of it's own... don't judge.
  • Top: red short sleeve embellished t-shirt, New York & Company (same shirt different color here, here, here) with a tank top underneath for the modesty
  • Bottom: brown knit pants, New York & Company
  • Shoes & Accessories: silver hardware embellished flats, Preview via Nordstrom Rack; turquoise and silver earrings, Pennyweights; gray Balenciaga Le-Dix/motorcycle bag 

Items from this outfit are previously seen and remixed here, here, here, and here:

On Wednesday I only had one thing in mind, the long weekend! However, that did not mean that my business casual norm could be forgotten. I was one of a small handful of people that actually stuck with it... Did you go to work on Wednesday? If so, were you wearing jeans... it's ok you can be honest. After all, there was still work to be done, despite the upcoming break!
  • Top: orange crochet neck blouse, LOFT (same shirt different color here and here)
  • Bottom: gray really skinny pants, GAP
  • Shoes & Accessories:  teal leather flats, Aldo via Re/Dress NYC (same shoe different color here); tiger's eye earrings, Citygirl Accessories; brown suede purse with silver leaf embellishments, GAP

Items from this outfit are previously seen and remixed here, here, and here:


  1. I worked wednesday, I didn't wear jeans. my boss did though. (everyone is pretty causal in my office all the time though)

    Glad to hear you had a great thanksgiving! and nope, didn't go shopping!!

    Chic on the Cheap

  2. I have that same crochet top in the blue grey (which I see you have too ;0))

    It looks so nice in that orange color! Very pretty on you!! :-)


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