Saturday, September 12, 2015

Close Out

What is going on with the lighting in this picture? I will have to talk with my photographer (AKA Hubby) about that.... Maybe he was letting his artistic spirit move him but, that only works when the goal of being able to see my ensemble is concurrently achieved. Perhaps flash next time? Perhaps I will check that everything came out ok on picture taking day before we head in from photos so I'm not stuck with a weird picture at the end of the week. While I could Photoshop and filter (the crap out of) this picture I prefer not to, I'm an all natural beauty kind of gal thankfully I was wearing something bright so you can see me in the darkness. If you are a blogger, do you filter your photos before you post them? If so, why?

Enough blog shop talk. Casual Friday (denim included) was alive and well with me this week. My manager was out of the office on vacation all week so, I was holding down the fort which went well enough but, was definitely exhausting. After all the craziness and running around a t-shirt and leggings jeans seemed like the perfect wardrobe solution to close out the week. It worked out especially since I ended up staying late and burning the "midnight" oil. What a way to spend a Friday, thank goodness for the weekend! Do you have any fun plans?

  • Topyellow t-shirt, Lilly Pulitzer via Clementine
  • Bottom: denim cuffed capri pants, Rock & Republic via Ashby
  • Shoes & Accessories: black Olive sandals, Dolce Vita; black pearl earrings, International Gem & Jewelry Show

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