Thursday, July 16, 2015

Bright Eyes

This morning was (relatively) smooth sailing despite last night's debauchery. In the earlier part of the evening it was (mostly) professional; discussing the incumbents' next steps, extending well wishes, and getting excited for them to take said steps. By the end of the night it had definitely gotten less professionally focused and became just a bunch of co-workers having a good time which was fine by me. I try to limit my discussions about work when I am outside of work to few and far between, I'm there a good portion of my time anyway, why do I want to talk about it (or things related to it) when I'm not?

Speaking of work... Today is definitely jam packed with meetings, endless emails, and all around non-stop craziness. While I think I am getting things done and keeping afloat I am definitely feeling the effects of this level of intense work under such high level of scrutiny. What does that mean? Bottom line, I'm tired. Thankfully, I see a light at the end of the tunnel! Unfortunately, it's just a tiny pinpoint a long ways away at this juncture. Time to grind.
  • Top: yellow t-shirt, Lilly Pulitzer via Clementine
  • Bottom: black pencil skirt, Old Navy
  • Shoes & Accessoriesblack t-strap sandals, LOFT; black pearl earrings, International Gem and Jewelry Show 

I most recently wore this skirt here.

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