Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Weekly Manicure: Interview Appropriate Polish

As you (might) know I am an HR professional. Today I will be coordinating another entry level career day, wish me luck... One of the things that I stress to the attendees is that they should come dressed in professional attire. Naturally they all show up in their best suits (or the closest thing) but, there is more to your personal appearances than the clothing you wear. Men need to comb their hair and shave, ladies should do the same equivalent. You want to be the most polished you that you can be especially because a shrewd HR professional will make their first impression based on all those things; Don't forget the little stuff!

One of the most forgotten things for some ladies is giving yourself a neutral manicure or any manicure at all. Personally I am always aware of the fact that I might have to shake hands with more than one interviewer so, why not put a pretty polished one forward? Today I am leading by example with a simple and subtle manicure. Enter Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Tutu Much! While this isn't the most fun manicure strip I could pick it is perfect for making a professional impression. What kind of manicure would you give yourself if you had an interview on the horizon?

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