Wednesday, April 4, 2012

April 4, 2012: Positive Role Model

First of all I just have to tell you that my outfit last night was totally acceptable. I was definitely the only one who was over thinking it since it looked like most people just showed up in what they wore to work that day. What was even more amusing to me was that the woman giving the lecture, and a few people in the audience, were dressed in black from head to toe. Wait! Hold on. Just kidding, there was some gray in there as well… We could have matched if I had gone the cliché artist route but, I’m glad I strayed away.

In other news, I have taken on a new responsibility in my personal life. In addition to everything else I have going on I have decided to be a mentor with an excellent charity organization the helps people with their job search. I thought that a few hours a week of my time to answer some questions/give guidance is nothing if it makes a positive change in someone’s life. Hopefully it does! Bonus: tonight I think there will be pizza (provided by them) and cookies (provided by me)!

One of the things that the facilitators of this program stressed was the importance of wearing professional attire to set a positive example for the mentees. I'm sensing a trend and I could not agree more. This dress came to my rescue this morning last night while I struggled with finding a comfortable/professional outfit to wear. Dresses = The Best!
  •  Top: ruffle front cotton dress with pockets, with a tank top underneath for the modesty; black blazer, Ann Taylor via Melissa
  • Shoes & Accessories: black patent leather t-strap pumps, LOFT; Amelia Earrings, Stella & Dot; silver watch, Fossil; Neverfull GM, Louis Vuitton/gift from BF

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