Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Is This Thing Still On?

So, I'm alive, how are you doing? I hope the end of 2012 was full of fun and joyful happenings for everyone! Things were out of control busy for me the last time I posted and then everything got even worse. Now that some of those things have passed I am excited to get back to blogging but, I need to share what happened first so we are all on the same page. Shortly after Thanksgiving I was let go (dun duN DUN) and am now currently a member of the unemployed masses of America. I can't say I was completely surprised but, it was definitely unexpected. Apparently that's how it is in big business: cut the "dead weight" before bonuses (even amidst the holidays,) save some moolah, and start fresh in the first quarter.

I (like the majority of people) do not enjoy being rejected but, I am feeling pretty positive about everything that happened. Things hadn't felt right in that job and I was in the process of doing some soul searching regarding what my next career steps might be. I was going to wait until my two year anniversary before I made moves to leave but, it happened this way instead. I'm not sure exactly where all of this is going to take me but, I am focused on finding a good fit for my current interests and my past experiences. I've been applying, interviewing, and connecting with people. Hopefully, all of these activities will result in something sooner rather than later. In the meantime I am just trying to stay positive ex: This situation would not be presented to me if I couldn't handle it. Send me some other positive thoughts/vibes! Overall, last year was not the best but, I have a really good feeling about 2013... it's going to be a good one. How are you feeling about what's on the horizon for you this year?

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In terms of blogging, I'm back! I still have some past outfits and manicures to post. While I will not be wearing a different outfit to work everyday (for obvious reasons) right now I am still wearing clothes... Frankly, I think it's important to share my outfits with all of you so you know that I'm not running errands in pajamas all the time ever and my casual attire is just as fabulous as my business attire also other things as they arise. Do you have any suggestions for me in 2013 moving forward?

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