Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Weekly Manicure: Dashing Diva

I would like to share a great manicure experience that I had during my mini Thanksgiving stay-cation (Yes, this has been in the works for a while.) Have you guys ever been to Dashing Diva? Dashing Diva is a fantastic nail salon committed to “re-inventing the nail salon experience,” that has locations all over the New York City and the world. I went to the one on the Upper West Side for a mani/pedi and some rest and relaxation. I didn't make an appointment prior to going (silly me) so, I was a little worried that everyone else had the same idea and I would be waiting a while. Thankfully  that was not the case and they seated me right after I picked a color from their selection of OPI and Essie colors. I appreciated that because normally they only have Dashing Diva polishes but, I like the idea of being able to head to a beauty store and pick up a bottle of the color I choose for future use.

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The lady who did my nails communicated very well AKA spoke English clearly and wasn't super pushy. This might seem like a strange comment but, if you're from New York City you know what I'm talking about. It often seems like workers at nail salons are more interested in getting you in and out as fast as possible but, not before trying to sell you a 10 minute back or foot massage in addition to whatever else you're getting done in awkward broken English... While I don't mind that type of environment for a quick mani/pedi it's not something that I consider extremely relaxing so, Dashing Diva was a welcomed change for my vacation manicure

Because it was right before Thanksgiving I looked for a color that would work with potential undecided holiday ensembles. After staring at a (literal) wall of polish colors I settled on Essie Hot Coco from the Winter 2010 collection. It was ironic to me that it had never popped out at me before. I really like the way the manicure came out and it worked perfectly with the outfit I picked for Thanksgiving and other subsequent outfits because of the neutral tone. Have you given yourself or gotten any fun manicures lately?

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