Thursday, December 23, 2010

December 20, 2010: Patience Is A Virtue

I'm sure you are all well aware of my desire for a white lace top. If not you're obviously new, Welcome! Just so we're all on the same page... I have been wanting a while lace top since the fall but, since I am trying to curb my spending and utilize what I have I didn't cave to my wants. That is, until last weekend... kind of.

I went last minute Christmas shopping on behalf of my Dad because I had some free time and he had other important stuff on his plate. I kept it local with cash in hand and a very specific list of things to get (literally). I went to Target and while I was digging through the sale racks I came across the quintessential off-white lace shirt; it seemed like it waiting for me to find it! On top of that the shirt was on super sale ($23 originally marked down to $5) so I tried it on to make sure it wasn't some sort of shopping mirage and when it fit, I threw it on the pile of stuff so I could continue my shopping.

Normally, I don't purchase things for myself around Christmas (even pre 260 Days, No Repeats) because I always end up getting myself something that someone had already gotten for me. But, since this was obtained on Daddy's dime I'm counting it as an early Christmas gift! Thanks, Dad.
  • Top: cream lace top, Merona for Target with a red tank top underneath, for the modesty.
  • Bottom: black striped pencil skirt, LOFT via Melissa
  • Shoes & Accessories: black pumps, Steve Madden; In-Power Line Super High Shaping Sheers, Spanx; pearl earrings, birthday gift from Mom via Macy's; black Spy Bag, Fendi


  1. Oh I love that top! The pattern of the lace is a little different, and the sleeve length is great. Looks very festive with the red, too!

  2. Cute look. I love that top. It is really pretty.

  3. I like the modern take on lace. I haven't been able to get into the lace trend because to me everything looks like you borrowed a shirt from grandma's closet. But this looks really nice. Can't wait to see you soon ;)

  4. You look great in this outfit, the skirt fits you so well, it accentuates your curves and is very slimming, I love how pencil skirts look on everybody but me. Have a Merry Christmas Iris! =D


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