Tuesday, August 4, 2015

What Goes Around...

This outfit is from yesterday, I think I might have a two post a day limit in terms of what I can churn out. Maybe today I will break that streak and catch up. Better yet, maybe I can even get ahead of the curve! Whoa. I know, I know, I need to take it one steps at a time and not get ahead of myself. Anyway, clothes...

I picked this dress up at Old Navy a long time ago like, years. Do you remember it? I feel like you probably do because it was all over their ad campaign that season but, I digress... Then, I didn't really wear it all that often because it got too small/was a little too short. I did the only logical thing at that point and gave it to my Mom so someone could take advantage of it. Fast forward to now and it's back in my closet. Isn't it funny how that works out sometimes?  
  • Top: blue and gray dress, Old Navy/Mom's closet raid
  • Shoes & Accessoriesnude snake sandals, Bandolino via Unique Thrift Store; peach cushion cut solitaire earrings, c/o Sorelli

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