Thursday, July 2, 2015

Child of the Zodiac

This outfit is from yesterday. Yes, I am all over the place with posting but, will be back to normal next week. You'll see...

Is this week eShakti week? That would be fun (and possible now) but, no... but, as I mentioned last month I was tempted at the eleventh hour to purchase some dresses from eShakti. Those coupons and sales are hard to resist! While I was combing through their extensive collection of dresses, skirts, jumpsuits etc. there were a few that I kept coming back to in my attempts to meet my minimum purchase requirements to get the maximum savings. This dress was (obviously) one of them. How fun is this pattern? As a former teenage girl I was immediately drawn to the mystical zodiac symbols, what's your sign?

When I was trying to select the appropriate size to order I was faced with a new challenge. Although eShakti is great and saves all of your measurements when you create an account with them for easy ordering none of the measurements that were saved in their system applied to me anymore. Thanks, less face. I had to bust out the tape measure and determine my new measurements. No biggie except while trying to determine my (newer) size I came to a realization (again) that my body shape is not standard and most of the stock sizes wouldn't fit me even though I now have less face. Thank goodness for affordable customization! The best moment was later when I my order finally came. I opened the package, took out the dress, and thought, "that is really small I totally messed up on the measurements" but, subsequently tried it on and it fit. Have you ordered through eShakti? How has your experience been?
  • Top: star signs stripe waist cotton dress, eShakti
  • Shoes & Accessories: black peep toes wedges, Steve Madden; black pearl earrings, International Gem and Jewelry Show

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