Thursday, July 9, 2015

Back At It

I hope everyone had an amazing long weekend (even if it wasn't as long as mine) with family and friends. Mine was pretty cray cray and i will tell you all about it in due time... Right now, I am slowly integrating back into the real world via work, errands, blogging, etc. "Slowly" being the key word though because this outfit is from yesterday. I promise, by Friday afternoon we will be all caught up. Since it is another short (and hot) week I am less inclined to throw myself back into full business professional attire anyway and am instead focused on the "casual" side of my office dress code.

This shirt was something that I picked up last month while I was visiting some of my favorite shopping places my cousin. As a busty person and former prep school student I normally stay away from button down shirts. Besides the fact that almost flashing people is awkward, surviving including this simple style in every outfit for four years straight made me never want to go back. Don't even get me started on crested blazers but, I digress...  Ever since my whole new cardigan experience, however, I have been interested in/more comfortable with trying out button down things so I am trying it out, thoughts?
  • Top: purple gingham shirt, J Crew via Clementine
  • Bottom: khaki green skirt, Merona
  • Shoes & Accessories: silver cap toe ballet flats, Guiseppe Zanotti via Buffalo Exchange; silver bead earrings, Tiffany & Co.

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