Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Pattern Mixing Redux

When I first started blogging my fashion stylings were a little "vanilla." Then, as time progressed, I got more comfortable with the "institution" of fashion blogging I began trying new things and experimenting with bolder pairings. I can't say they were all amazing ensembles but, they were different, fun, and helped me accomplish my goal of one year, no repeats to work. One of the tools that I kept/keep coming back to when putting together outfits is pattern mixing but, as I drifted away from fashion blogging pattern mixing wasn't a thing anymore. I have a feeling it might be experiencing a come back... polka dots and snake print that's cray cray. How do you put together creative, fun outfits?
  • Top: ivory ruffle embellished tank top, Ralph Lauren Sport via Current Consignment; brown blazer, LOFT
  • Bottom: yellow and brown polka dot skirt, Merona
  • Shoes & Accessories: snake print pumps, Nine West; pearl earrings, Macys 

I most recently wore this blazer here.

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