Monday, May 18, 2015

Basic Black "Suit"

This weekend we moved picture taking Sunday to a different part of the lawn where the sun was not trying to blind me (awkward face.) I guess later in the day would be better next time but, I digress... at least we got it done unlike last week. Like last Monday I am all about getting down to business can't you tell form my serious face? No, fine... good thing I'm wearing this "suit" to convey the serious and professional nature of my attitude. Also, I'm presenting today so my ensemble needs to be in line with that and we've I've leaned separates are the best when you are in between suits.  

Let's talk about this shirt for a moment. Have you ever found something while perusing a store that just seemed too good to be true? That was this shirt... While combing through the clearance rack at a local consignment store the bold pattern caught my eye. When I picked it up I realized, after the double take, that it was Missoni, real Missoni (yay) for 75% off the already reduced price (more yay.) After I tried it on and it fit how could I not buy it? There was no way, it was meant to be. What have been some of your greatest shopping "steals?"
  • Top: orange striped tank top, Missoni via Current Consignment; black blazer, Ann Taylor
  • Bottom: black slacks, Ann Taylor via Goodwill
  • Shoes & Accessories: black pumps, Nine West; pearl earrings, Macys 

I most recently wore this blazer here.

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