Friday, August 31, 2012

Purchases & Acquisitions: August 2012

This time last year I kept it together and didn't shop at all during my birthday month. I try to look at birthdays the same way I view Christmas; People are going to buy you things so you don't necessarily need to buy anything for yourself. It didn't work out so well this year... I wanted to get fancy for the my weekend birthday celebration and couldn't very well wear that same dress as I did on my actual birthday. While wandering around in I ended up getting this fab color block maxi dress for my party. It was spot on in terms of summer trends, comfort, and all around fabulous-ness AKA totally worth the $29.99.

In terms of other things I got as gifts there were a few fun things that you might have already seen if you are stalking following me on Instagram like a gorgeous Maggy London dress from BF's parents, some lovely dresses from eShakti that my parents bought me, a box of goodies from my cousin including a shirt that I am dying to wear, and some basics (white tank tops, yoga pants) from my parents, as well as, the trendy dress I wore on my actual birthday from BF. I am so thankful for everything! I feel so lucky to be so loved and by such stylish people to boot.

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