Monday, September 10, 2012

Getting Into Fashion Week

I'm assuming you noticed the flurry of New York Fashion Week activity flooding Facebook, Twitter, and your other social networks. There are always so many fabulous runway shoes, presentations, and events it's hard to keep track. Right now Fashion Week is drawing to a close as quickly as it came but, that doesn't mean you can't plan on taking part in the festivities next season! I'm not guaranteeing front row Marc Jacobs in your future but, there are always a few fun Fashion Week related event that you can take part in no matter who you are or where you are located. Here are some of my tips and tricks for getting on the proverbial red carpet and through the velvet ropes.

1. Fashion's Night Out - This is a nation world wide event that takes place when various fashion hubs host Fashion Week. This is a great opportunity to take advantage of the generosity of major brands and party! Some stores will have food and drinks, some stores will have free samples/services/goodie bags, and some stores will have celeb appearances. There are a plethora of choices when it comes to Fashion Night Out that allow you to meet, greet, see, and be seen! Even if you don't live in the thick of one of these fashionable cities your local mall, big box department store, or small stylish boutique might have something planned. I would definitely check their website or call and ask.

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2. Start a blog (if you haven't already) - While blogging is a full time job for some or just a fun pastime for others (raises hand) it can be a means to an end for a both. Being able to approach a brand or PR company and say that you would be happy to cover an event for them on your blog is a great way to get in the door to some fun Fashion Week festivities. It's also great reason to hand out business cards at events (like Fashion's Night Out *winkwinknudgenudge) so people and brands can see why they might want to work with you. If you don't immediately garner a press pass or attention from companies through blogging don't be discouraged, you're not the only fashion/beauty/OOTD blogger out there. Even if they reject you at least they know you are interested and they might reach out to you at a later juncture or for a different event. Don't forget to follow up, networking is everything!

3. Check Eventbrite - There are always a variety of activities on Eventbrite that you can take part in any week of the year. That, naturally, holds true for Fashion Week, as well. Just run a quick search and see what you find. I'm know there will be a mix of paid and free events for you to choose from. Obvi we want everything to be free but, just because it is doesn't mean it's worth going and just because it isn't doesn't mean that it's not. Either way, I would try to stick with events out on by well known brands; those will have the best turnout and best take homes.

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4. Consult with your fashionable friends - While you might not be hooked in with the fashion elite anybody yet maybe someone you know on a personal level is. See if there are any general (or invite only) Fashion Week events that you can tag along with them to. If not maybe they know of some events that you can RSVP for even though you didn't recieve a direct invite. Maybe they are willing to give you their invite to a show or event. Or, maybe they know of some fun general things devoid of a guest list that you can attend. There are definite possibilities, just ask around. Honestly, I had almost all of my Fashion Week fun this time around through second hand invites from friends and friends of friends. It's been a blast!

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5. Host your own event- Maybe  all of my tips and tricks are completely useless because absolutely none of this is relevant to you. Don't be discouraged, you can still have fashionable fun. You can have girlfriends over and stream the runway shows live from the comfort of your own home. Maybe you can partner with a local store or boutique and host an Fashion Week event at their establishment. The sky is really the limit with this, see what you can do!

Do you have any other tips, ticks, or ideas on how to get in on Fashion Week festivities?

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