Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Weekly Manicure: Incoco Champagne French Manicure

This Last week I needed a polish change. With so many choices in my nail polish arsenal I wasn’t really sure how to proceed so I decided to keep it simple. You guessed it, a french manicure. Thankfully, I had some Incoco french manicure strips to make the process easy and frustration free. How do you think the french manicure came out? Really, I think it’s fab too! I also came to an unexpected realization about how long my own natural nails have gotten.

I have a confession. When I was younger I used to bite my nails and it was bad! I’m not quite sure why I felt the need to gnaw on my fingers or why it continued as long (into college) as it did but, it did. There were stretches of time where I wasn’t compelled bite my nails (I was getting regular manicures or I had acrylic tips/wraps) but, the minute consistent stress or boredom crept up on me I found myself right back where I started.

Fast forward to now… I don’t really have problem anymore. I’m not quite sure how I kicked it. Maybe there is always something for me to do (thanks phone) or I’ve learned to cope with my stress differently; Your guess is as good as mine. But, when I went shopping with my mom this past weekend I (proudly) showed her my nails and we both marveled over the fact that I used to pay to have manicurists put acrylic on my nail to make them just as long as they are naturally. How times have changed! Did you ever have a problem with nail biting? How did you move past it?


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