Thursday, October 27, 2011

Review: Cougar Boots 2011

I was so excited when the lovely people from Cougar contacted me again and asked me if I would like to review another pair of boots for them. The boots that I got last year became absolute staples in the cold and wet weather and I was happy to pick one more pair!

Out of all the options that I was presented with this year I knew almost instantly which ones I wanted to try; the Mirage in black. After making very practical selections last year (snow boots/rain boots) I was happy to find something that I felt truly meshed fashion and function and I responded with my selection with haste, excited to receive another great pair of boots! I was also curious to see if Cougar boots in leather would work for people who have larger than average calves (16.5") like myself.

Then I got an email saying that the Mirage had been the most popular boot and they no longer has them in my size (ultimate sad face) but, I was still really excited about trying out their boots and thought the Marla, which had previously been available as well, would be the next best thing. It's fashion, function, with a sprinkle of trendy mixed in but, those weren't available either (extreme frustration). I thought about it long and hard and settled on the Portico in brown. Not that those aren't lovely boots but, they didn't scream "fashion" just "function."

When the boots finally came it was like an early Christmas gift! I was excited to try those Portico boots on and see if they were up to the challenge of fitting over my calves but, look what I found when I opened the box.

That;s right, the Mirage!! All the outfits that I had been planning when I made my initial selection started coming back to me. They really will be a great option when the weather really cools down.

When I tried them on they were so comfortable and the heel was completely practical. Then came the moment of truth: zipping them all the way up. It was honestly a bit of a struggle. I was able to make it all the way up but, they are still a bit tight. What worried me more was that I was not wearing pants so if I was to try them with some jeggings or skinny pants I'm sure it will be an even bigger fight. I suppose I can always get them stretched a bit by a cobbler... problem solved. Although, if I was in a store buying these boots I might not be so quick to purchase them since I would have to make additional, cost inducing alterations. 

In the end I am really happy with these boots!! They are absolutely lovely and would be en excellent shoe choice for casual social events, low key dressy gatherings, and even work affairs (depending on your dress code.) They are also completely practical for winter weather since they will keep you warm in as low as -22° temperatures. Lastly, they are extremely comfortable and will be even more so once I have the opening stretched or wear them more and stretch it myself! 

What Cougar shoes are your favorite? 

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