Monday, August 22, 2011

August 22, 2011: Monday For Real

Last week my Monday was Wednesday and having that shorter week was a fantastic way to keep the vacation vibe going. Unfortunately that couldn't last forever and I am headed back to the office today for a full work week with some social engagements sprinkled in there for good measure!

Tonight I am going to be meeting up with my old college roomie before she heads back to London. I didn't really get to spend a ton of time with here while she was here but, the time we did spend together was absolutely lovely, I'm looking forward to tonight being more of the same. In terms of style I'm glad I have pieces in my closet this dress which can double as a professional work piece by day and a fun happy hour piece by night! 

After the staycation fail and awkward conversation BF said he would put some of the money that we would have spent doing super fun things during our time off but, didn't (thanks weather) twoards beefing up my professional wardrobe. With that in mind I hit Loehmanns and found this awesome Calvin Klein suit. After all the coupons and discounts it was more than $200 off the original retail price, WIN! The one thing I didn't realize about it until this morning was that it has shoulder pads, FAIL. I have pretty broad shoulders as it is so shoulder pads are not a necessary thing; although I'm sure I would have been going crazy with the trend in the 80's had I been old enough. So this jack might need a trip to the tailor AKA my Mom to have them removed. What do you think of the fit?

On another note, since I am a now a Stella & Dot stylist I will be putting adding pieces that I think would be a great match with my daily outfit in each post. There is totally something for everyone and every outfit and this helps me pretend (in my mind) like I actually got to wear this amazing jewelry because I shouldn't can't buy everything for myself... that kind of completely defeats the purpose!
  • Topnavy blue jersey knit dress, New York and Company with a tank top underneath for the modesty; gray pinstripe blazer, Calvin Klein via Loehmanns/gift from BF
  • Shoes & Accessories silver Stella wedge pumps, Seychelles via DSWInkwenkwezi Safety Pin necklace, Smithsonian/Christmas gift from Mom; silver bead earrings, Tiffany & Co.; yellow alley bag

My Stella and Dot pick for this outfit:

Astor Five Strand Necklace 
Items from this outfit are previously seen here:

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