Wednesday, July 28, 2010

July 28, 2010: I Though I Was...

I'm was going to give the forgotten shoes a break today. But, I know they are itching to be worn and I was struck inspiration for this outfit while I was getting ready to run out the door. I really was not intending for all of these shoes to be worn in the order that they are pictured but, it seems to be working out that way...

I'm not sure that I LOVE this final choice but, I only have so much time in the morning to come up with an outfit. One would say, "You should lay out your clothes the night before"  and in this case I had but, when I put it on this morning it just wasn't working for me, such is life.
  • Top: yellow ruffle collar shirt, LOFT
  • Bottom: gray cropped pants, Bitten via Steve & Barry's
  • Shoes & Accessories: turquoise wedges, born; turquoise and silver earrings, Pennyweights; multi-stone bracelet, V'ta (not pictured); purple bag, Coach

Items from this outfit are previously seen and remixed here, here, and here:

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