Friday, August 26, 2011

FBFF: The Unsung Hero

This week we are supposed to be examining a favorite item from our wardrobe. That was such a difficult thing for me because in this personal style challenge I am trying to give the things in my wardrobe seemingly equal amounts of attention. I know there are going to be somethings that get worn more than other but, still...

With all that in mind today I am celebrating my watch! I wouldn't call it a favorite per say but, I would say that  this is a long overdue mention. Whether you noticed or not I wear my watch almost every day, look below.

See I told you! My watch doesn't always end up in the pictures because on picture taking Sundays all I am doing is hanging around the house but, it still deserves mention! I got this watch when I lost my old one which was a replacement for the graduation gift my parents got me a while back which I lost at a sleepover during a roadshow weekend. Still keeping up with me?

I wanted watch number three to be a whole new watch and it is! Here are some close ups so you and my watch can get acquainted. 

The only thing that all my watches have had in common since I was a freshman in high school is that they are Fossil watches. I don't know what it is about them exactly but, I am really attracted to that style and have been a dedicated customer ever since. So much so, that I have turned friends and even BF onto the magic that is Fossil. The best part is they have an awesome outlet that is not too far from my house so, it's an (even more) economical thing if I need to invest in a new timepiece. WIN all around!

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