Wednesday, November 16, 2016

"Weekend" Chores

"Remember when you were a child and weekend meant a mini vacation? Or at least a break from the mundane so you could enjoy yourself and take part in fun activities, those Barbies and Legos weren't going to play with themselves but, I digress... Do you find that now, as an adult(ish) person, your weekends are full of running errands and chores?

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Me too... which is absolutely lame when you think about it; you spend all week at work doing whatever it is that you are an amazing girlboss at and then you spend the weekend catching up on other things. Organizational experts talk about "Work Life Balance" but, I think the real key is "Life Integration." As the lines between the workplace and home blur due to our heightened state of connectivity, it is important to tweak our behavior accordingly and maximize the times when we are focused on being productive so that we can truly enjoy and be present in our periods of relaxation. There are some of the things that I have tried to implement so I can take my weekends back from the shore monster and enjoy myself. Do you have any good tips to add?
  • De-clutter one room a night. I don't know about your but, new things come into my home or items move from room to room and then next thing I know my office is looking like a mail room or my kitchen is looking like a staging ground. It's very manageable to work in one room at a time picking a few things up and putting them in their proper place whether that is the shredder, a closet, or another room altogether. You could even pass a vacuum over the carpet and wipe down the surfaces... ok, ok I'm getting ahead of myself. But, tackling one room a night makes the process more manageable. 
  • Do laundry during the week(days.) If you have access to a private washing machine/dryer you can run a load of laundry through the washer while you are at work, throw it in the dryer when you get home, and separate/fold it after dinner. Honestly, it's one of my one of my "favorite things" to do and was a huge transition after moving into a house. If you don't have access to a washer/dryer where you could leave your clothes all day it might be worth investigating the option of dropping it off at a local laundromat. If not, you could always visit somewhere after work and tackle that chore during the week   

  • Do dishes while you are at work. In the same vein of the laundry, load your dishwasher after you eat breakfast and run it during the day while you are at work so you can empty it when you get home. I don't know about you but, I feel like I am always doing dishes especially if I cook the evening prior. Growing up without a dishwasher I don't know how I could live without one (Dramatic? Maybe...) and I love utilizing it to it's maximum level of effectiveness. 
  • Run errands after work. Sometimes you need to run to the store and pick up a face cream you ran out, get a massage, or drop something off which can be challenging outside of normal business hours especially if you are in the burbs which means they get pushed to the weekend. What is important to realize is that sometimes it's totally feasible to tackle these errands after work because stores and other business are staying open later and later or working around your schedule. 
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  • Delegate one weekend day for completion of chores if you must. Maybe you need help from someone else and that is the only time they are available or perhaps that store really doesn't stay open late enough for you to head there after work those jerks... For me it's easiest when hubby has to work on Saturdays, which happens often occasionally, and on some level it's great because I can move any unresolved errands to that day and "work" on those things so we have Sunday free and clear to do whatever I we want which is really the point of your weekend! 
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