Friday, November 18, 2016

Fix It, Don't Forget It

Did you know that  that the textile recycling industry recycles approximately 3.8 billion pounds of post-consumer textile waste (PCTW) each year (read: clothes you throw away, and other fabric stuff) this only accounts for approximately 15% of all PCTW, leaving 85% in our landfills.While that is scary enough to read watch this short video below and continue to be shocked and horrified. 

While you might not think about the impact that shopping "all the time" and buying cheap/disposable clothes has on the planet it obviously does and it is significant, at that. When shopping, I think the more important thing to consider is why buy that item of clothing in the first place. Do you love it? Do you have a need for it? Do you even see yourself wearing it? Or is it just something that is just "ok" considering the cost. Why even bother wasting your time and your wardrobe space with something that doesn't get you excited to wear it or at least put a smile on your face. One of the ways that I try to stretch the life of the clothes that I love longer is not by washing things less (eww) but, by fixing things that have a slight "damage" from wear and tear.
  • Find a cobbler - While clothes is a big part of textile waste another is shoes. Once you have worn through the heels or scuffed up the tips it's easy to cast them aside in favor of a newer (sometimes shinier) option. That being said, once you have found the right cobbler (thanks, Google/Yelp) it's just as easy to drop them off at your friendly neighborhood cobbler for a face lift or repairs.  
  • Make Small Adjustments - I'm not saying that you need to sew a dress from scratch but, can you take up a hem? How about shorten straps? You could even take it to the next level by learning to sew a dart or upcycle your existing wardrobe into something completely different... Sorry, I got ahead of myself but, making small changes to an item of clothes can make a big difference in how it appears and make it continuously useful in your life. 
  • Patch Holes - This is not a new tip from me. I've done (and shared) it before and I'm doing it again. Patching holes is such a tremendously simple fix that really adds length to the life of your clothes without anyone being the wiser that there was damage in the first place (as long as it is not somewhere that is highly visible.) Whether you sew the offending hole up, add a patch, or both it is worth the effort. 

What are some ways that you extend the life of your clothes?

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