Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Lady In Red

This outfit is from yesterday. I only have a few stragglers to post and by next week I will be all caught up. Anyway, after getting an influx of new clothing items over the weekend I had to immediately start wearing them (obviously.) One of the challenges in wearing clothes that was from someone else's wardrobe is that it might need some tweaking stylistically or size wise but, that wasn't going to stop me! In the case of this dress, it was both. While the overall fit was sufficient it was a little big in the top. What made that more challenging to pull off was the sweetheart neckline. Tank top to the rescue, again,

Now on to the star of this ensemble, these shoes! I spotted them in the thrift store and just had to at least try them on, right? Yup. After walking around for five seconds a bit I just knew I had to add them to my shoe wardrobe, right? Exactly. They couldn't have been a more perfect match for this dress (ALL the retro inspired things) but, what else should I pair them with? Decisions, decisions....
  • Top: red sweetheart neckline dress,'s closet raid; black tank top, Old Navy
  • Shoes & Accessories: black and white retro inspired pumps, Bakers via The Unique Thrift Store; vintage silver earrings, my Abuela 

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