Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Purchases & Acquisitions: June 2015

There was shopping/swapping this month, so much shopping/swapping! Well maybe not so much with the shopping but, definitely with the swapping... let me explain. I have been feeling the urge to shop in the recent months but, after my extreme closet purge that increased exponentially. I sent my Mom the picture of the finished product and she took pity on me bringing over some things form her closet that no longer fit her last weekend. Then we scheduled a time to go see the local tailor by her so that I could salvage some of my favorite items because tailoring is a great option instead of heading out and buying all new clothes

Unfortunately/fortunately, we didn't make it to the tailor because I was raiding my Mom's closet for things that no longer worked for her. I made out like a bandit (kinda literally) with bags of sartorial goodies. Ironically, many of those items had previously been mine going as far back as high school, for serious. It's a good thing that my mother doesn't have my penchant for closet clean outs but, I digress...  Even though the tailor was closed we consoled ourselves by heading over to one of my favorite second hand stores and she bought me a few things because she's super nice. The "damage"  is as follows... 

Goodwill $20.48 Amazon Local Deal
  • red dress, Taylor 
  • brown striped dress, Bailey 44 
Current Consignment $15.64
  • eggplant suite, Nanette Lepore
  • cream pants, Vanessa Bruno
  • gray tank top, Bailey 44
Unique Thrift Store $45.22 c/o Mom
  • beige pinstripe capris, New York & Company
  • brown plaid pants, New York & Company
  • khaki green bermuda shorts, Forever 21
  • black pinstripe suit, Anne Klein
  • retro inspired polka dot pumps, Bakers
Mom's Closet Raid Cleanout
  • red dress, eShakti.com
  • blue floral lace dress, eShakti.com
  • black and white houndstooth faux wrap dress, eShakti.com
  • gray scoopneck t-shirt, New York & Company,
  • red scoopneck t-shirt, New York & Company
  • black sheath dress, Books Brothers
  • black sleeveless polo shirt, Lacoste
  • white sleeveless polo shirt, Lacoste
  • black polo shirt, Lacoste
  • black capri leggings
  • black embellished t-shirt, Merona
  •  khaki skirt, Ann Taylor
  • white linen pants
  • denim skirt, LOFT
  • black lace dress, H&M
  • black sweater dress, Pink Rose 
  • lime green scoopneck sweater, LOFT
  • ivory scoopneck sweater, LOFT
  • hot pink scoopneck sweater, LOFT 
  • yellow scoopneck sweater, LOFT 
  • green scoopneck sweater, LOFT 
  • black scoopneck sweater, LOFT 
  • green cardigan sweater, New York & Company 
  • purple cardigan sweater, New York & Company
  • light brown plaid suit, Sweet Suit
  • brown polka dot suit, Donna Sands
  • purple tweed skirt, Norton
  • black and gray plaid skirt, NYCC
  • ivory and beige skirt, Theory
  • gray pencil skirt, Emanuel by Emanuel Ungaro
  • blue and gray dress, Old Navy
  • gray cropped blazer, I.N.C. 
  • black and brown plaid skirt, Worthington
  • black t-shirt, Chanel
  • blue ombre tank top, Xhilitration
You were worried, weren't you? It really wasn't that bad after all, after all of the fun new things I added or welcomed back to my wardrobe I ended up only spending $15.64 at my local consignment store. We'll see how I do next month since I will spending time visiting my favorite shopping destination my cousin and you've seen how that goes...

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