Friday, June 19, 2015

(Business) Casual Friday

This outfit is from last Friday, and you thought I forgot... Today it's two for one, again!

It was another non-demin (kinda) casual Friday. As much as wearing jeans on Friday is something that I love, for a number of reasons, there are times when it is just more appropriate to skip the denim. For example, performance evaluations or recruitment events. Today Last Friday was the latter. While, I wouldn't normally schedule an event like that on a Friday a community partner that I have connected with was handling everything for me so, it was only appropriate to work within the parameters of their availability. Even though I wasn't in my full interviewing regalia I was definitely in a more professional frame of mind than on an "average" casual Friday. I think that counts for something. 
  • Top: white ruffle embellished shift, LOFT
  • Bottom: brown and blue plaid pants, C Wonder
  • Shoes & Accessories: beige flats, Coach; peach cushion cut solitaire earrings, c/o Sorelli

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