Monday, May 11, 2015

Nail Files: Expressionist

As you might have seen there was a flurry of articles this week regarding health concerns and abhorrent conditions for nail salon workers in New York City and surrounding areas. You didn't see them? Well, if you were following me on Twitter you would have. The articles definitely made me think about this industry that I have been partaking in (however irregularly) since high school in a different light and right as the pedicure season is upon us... But, do I really want to support an industry that does not properly compensate their hard workers? How about one that puts them at risk for major health problems? Not, really. How about you?

This weekend I gave myself a mani/pedi. It wasn't as intricate as last week but, thanks to Nailipop manicure strips it didn't have to be to look that way. I love all the colors in this design and putting them on was a piece of cake. Here are some things that I know to be true about putting on manicure strips:
  1. Make sure your nails are super clean before you start.
  2. Make sure that you hold the nail strip to your nail for at least 30 seconds so that it adheres effectively. The stickiness of the strip and the heat from your hand should help create a strong bond.
  3. File the manicure strip in a DOWNWARD motion it’ll help keep the end of the strip from lifting with a small grit file to create and even/clean edge.
These tips works with every type of nail strip I have tried so far. Do you use nail strips or do you stick with polish? If so, what types of polish strips do you prefer. 

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