Friday, May 8, 2015

Casual Friday, With a Twist

While tweeting up a storm last week I came across an article about reasons for opting out of Casual Friday. I was intrigued, as I'm sure you are. What would possess someone to want to give up their well earned Friday comfy time? Well, after perusing the article I noted some very valid points and gave the whole idea some more consideration. It lead me to realize that many of the senior members of my department (all women) choose not to wear jeans on Friday. They might wear fun colored or patterned pants but, no jeans. Maybe it's time to give it try and do something different so today I am not wearing jeans! I am wearing a denim skirt, baby steps.

We also have to talk about my sandals. I bought these sandals in 2008 then in 2011 they died, then a few weeks ago we crossed paths again! I was wandering around Brooklyn with a friend and we stopped at an awesome local thrift store. I found these sandals (brand new with the tags) in my new skinnier shoe size... it was meant to be. The only issue was that because of how long they had been sitting around unworn the heels were falling off which I didn't notice until after I tried to wear them for the first time, awkward... Lucky for me Hubby is pretty handy at fixing things, even shoes, problem solved. Now, inquiring minds want to know: Do you think it's a good idea to opt out of casual Friday? Would you skip your office jeans time?
  • Top: floral t-shirt, Simply Vera by Vera Wang for Kohls; brown blazer, LOFT
  • Bottom: denim pencil skirt, Torrid
  • Shoes & Accessories: silver sandals, Isaac Mizrahi for Target via Buffalo Exchange; silver wire flower earrings, MOMA

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