Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Weekend Wear: Swap Style

Weekends often consist of errands, shopping, and other boring things like that but, occasionally there is something fun happening or I am wearing an outfit that I want to share. This was an outfit that I wore to my first clothing swap (among other errands, etc.) Overall the experience of the swap was alright but, your "shopping" success at any swap is entirely contingent on the other people that are attending being your size. That was not really the case in this instance, even though I am in the sweet spot in the overlap of regular and plus size, and I didn't have much luck finding items for myself. 

The other reason that I wouldn't label this experience a rousing success was because there were some unpleasant people there. There were loud complainers, line cutters, and hoarders (AKA I am going to grab everything and sort it out in the corner later). I even got into a "Filene's Basement wedding dress sale" like battle with a woman over a dress that she grabbed after I grabbed it. By battle I mean we exchanged words and then she huffed away. After everything, I think swapping is a great idea but, knowing what you are getting yourself into is the first step... what kind of items will be there? will there be items in your size? how many other people will be there? If the answers to those questions aren't favorable then it isn't worth your time. Has anyone been to a swap? Have you held your own swap? How was the experience for you? 
  • Topblack and white polka dot dress, Forever 21 via The Big Fat Flea
  • Shoes & Accessoriesred Bridget Thong Sandal, LOFT/gift from mom; pearl earrings, Macys/gift from Mom; silver watch, Fossil; cherry print tote, Luella for Target

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