Friday, June 8, 2012

FBFF: Blogging Community

1. What blogging communities do you belong to? 

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I think the better question is what blogging communities don't I belong to. I think the ones that I participate most in are FBFF (obvi) and The Blogger Collective which is comprised of a group of lovely fashion/beauty bloggers. I like reading the tips and tricks from IFB but, I wouldn't say that I participate heavily in anything they have going on. I recently just joined Lyst and have now started paying attention to Klout. There are so many!

2. What do you think the roll of community is in blogging? 

I think community is a great way to interact with other blogger but, it manifest in different ways depending on who is involved. It could be something as simple as a theme week or as complex as planning live events like Bloggers Night Out.

3. Blog comments, twitter interactions and meaningful Facebook threads have decreased in the last several months. What are your thoughts on why that is? 

Phew, it's not just me. Personally, I have been running low on free time to sit down and comment on every blog post from my favorite bloggers. I also run out of interesting things to say. I may totally LOVE your shoes but, how many times can I say that before it drives us both crazy? I know for me personally part of the reason I am seeing a decrease in blogger comments is because my timing is all off. I used to post once a day if not more. Now, that is a majorly difficult thing to maintain. I'm working on it and hoping that I will see a boost again soon! Positive thinking does wonders, right?

4. How do you cultivate community around your blog? 

I ask questions and I have done theme weeks with other participants. I'm not sure if that is the best way to cultivate a grouping around my blog but, I'm not 100% sure that I have the energy to dedicate to anything more intense than that. Any recommendations?

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5. If you could make one resolution to be a better community member what would it be? 

Participation, plain and simple! Especially when questions are asked or there are projects to take part in. I used to have a system and check in on the blogs in my blogroll regularly to see what was going on and just haven't had the time, I need to get back into that! I also used to check out at least one blog in others blogrolls to see if there was something new that I might like. I want to get that started again, comments are coming your way fellow bloggers!

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