Thursday, February 2, 2012

State of the Blog

I'm not dead! I'm sorry to drop of the face of the planet but, lots of things were going on IRL and I needed to deal. But, that's not the only reason... As you know this new job has made it difficult to maintain blogging at the level it was prior in terms of posts, commenting, and collaboration. I thought 2012 was going to bring a fresh new start and the way to make it work was going to come to me or that I was going to have less things to worry about IRL but, neither has been the case.

The most difficult thing to reconcile was that blogging which had been extremely enjoyable was starting to feel like a mandate. I don't blog for money or gifts I blog so I can share my journey with people and motivate myself to keep up with the challenges I have presented myself.

The point where I shut down a little was when I realized that there are other things that I want to do in life (exercise more, learn spanish, go to grad school) and the way I was blogging before was postponing them because it's already eating up so much of my free time. That being said, I think they real eye opener was when I didn't want to the movies with BF because I needed to get a post up. Really?! Unacceptable. Time to reassess...

Now that I have bought you up to speed I need to say that I am not done! I thought maybe this would be it for me... no more post, no more comments, no more free stuff, no more fun times. No, I'm not ready for that either so next week comes a whole new method to blogging, hopefully it will help me find the balance I am looking for!

I could use some tips and tricks, how do you find time for blogging in your busy life?

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