Friday, July 16, 2010

100th Post - A New Challenge!

As you know, I have been at this personal style challenge for a little over three months! It's been somewhat difficult and I'm sure it will only get harder as time passes but, in honor or my 100th post I have decided to throw in a little something extra. I challenge myself (and you if your interested) to use use all the products (hair stuff, lotion, powder, soap, perfume, makeup) in my possession to completion before buying anything new!

I have so many bottles of lotion, perfume, etc. and a stockpile of soap (because I prefer it in a bar and whenever I find one that smells nice I pick it up) some of which I have purchased for myself but, many which have come as gifts for whatever occasion. You know those gifts when the person doesn't know what to get you so they just buy you a gift basket from Bath and Body Works (I'll admit I'm guilty of it as well sometimes.) Not only do I get them from my friends and acquaintances but, I also get a decent amount of those gifts as runoff from my mom who is a teacher and doesn't really use those products. I'm sure you can imagine how much product I have to go through...

If you are interested in joining me grab the banner and add it to your blog (If you are having trouble email me and I will send it to you.) Also, leave me a comment so I can count you in. Let's fight the spirit of consumption and excessiveness that is the "American Way" (while saving ourselves from uneccesary spending) and use what we have until we don't have anymore before we hit the stores! The first step for me is going to be taking a good hard look at what I have and making a list... I will share with you when I'm done!


  1. I'm doing this right now. I took all the half bottles of lotions, shampoos and conditioners and combined them in larger containers. I'm trying to use every perfume bottle, every sample and every bit of makeup as well. Ww are also trying to eat all the food in our cabinets and freezer before buying more. It is challenging but so worth it. Go for it and keep us posted.

  2. I have so many lotions! I keep two right beside my bed, two by the closet, two in the bathroom... and that's just whats in plain sight!

    I like this challenge idea, I think it's going to take me a while though!

    Chic on the Cheap

  3. Well I'm not setting an end date so, feel free to join in!

  4. THis is a real good initiative Iris.
    What I do is either bought by me or gifted, I NEVER open them UNTIL I finish the one I am using.

  5. The full ones that you don't really like the scent of (hotel soaps and shampoos, icky stuff from baskets) can be used by foodbanks and homeless shelters by their patrons. I believe in using what i have but sometimes excess makes a great donation too!

  6. I am thoroughly impressed with your efforts to use up what you already have but it is actually IN the tradition of the "American Way" if you consider what the founding "mothers" of our nation really aspired to. They did without, for a few centuries, and it wasn't until the industrial revolution that womenn really felt it plausible or even acceptable to set themselves free from the daily rituals that enslaved them. If you think about it, it is not the American way to simply keep usurping all that is available. You have hit the nail on the head of what it is to be American! Make the best of what you have and keep working at it until you are done. I applaud you, grasshopper.


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