Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Night Out: Gala 2011

Do you remember last year when I went to a gala? Well, I am going to the gala again. Actually I'm at the cocktail hour right now thanks to the magic of previously scheduled posts. You can just imagine that my hair is flawless and my makeup is polished because I didn't really feel like going through all that trouble for picture taking Sundays. Maybe I will have some actually pictures from the event tomorrow and you can see what is really going on...

I find this evening outfit to be an amazingly excellent example of going from day to night. I mean, you saw what I was wearing earlier! I make a couple of simple swaps and the dress becomes a whole new world thing. I find it even more amazing for the work to evening swap because I've already used it that way a few times. The fact that I was able to make it come together for a formal affair makes it the best piece ever! I don't know what this dress is going to do next. Do you have anything like that in your closet: a piece you can take from day to evening and maybe even a fancy event?
  • Top: ivory sheath dress, Adrianne Vitadinni via Loehmans/gift from Mom
  • Shoes & Accessories: silver t-strap shoes, Due Farina; rhinestone studs, New York & Company/gift from BF's parents; Isadora Pearl Bib, stella & dot; violet Clea Clutch, Katherine Kwei/won at Blogger's Night Out 

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