Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Two People, One Suitcase

That's right, I am on the road again. I am going to be spending the rest of the week in Chicago with my cousin for her birthday. Shhhh, it's a surprise... or at least it was. I'm already here and she already knows. I can tell you right now it was a super awesome moment!

I could tell you all about what I wore on the plane but, it would be another post about skinny jeans and a flyaway cardigan AKA my standard plane ensemble, I would much rather tell you about the newest challenge I undertook for this trip. BF had suggested to me that we take the middle size luggage from our three piece set and pack in it together for the trip! Crazy, I know... well, maybe not because I totally did it! Here are some things I learned about packing with your significant other/close friend for a trip although, I'm sure they could come in handy for anyone looking to lighten their load (literally)!

  1. Common Rules Apply - Don't forget those standard tips and tricks that you are so used to reading about/following. You know: make a list, don't leave packing for the last minute, check the weather before you leave, wear your heavier items on the plan, etc. All those thing definitely come into play. 
  2. Pack As One - Do you really need two different tube or toothpaste or bottles of mouthwash? Not really. Unless your significant other has cooties you can share and save yourself some space and weight.
  3. Free Samples - Another way to keep the toiletries light(weight) is to milk the free samples. I sign up for everything I can possibly get. I'm talking lotion, face wash, shampoo, conditioned, etc. and these smaller than travel size portions really come in handy when you are going away for a long weekend.
  4. Can't Live Without It - You want to pack the absolute essentials first and foremost. Do you really need that extra sweatshirt? Probably not and if you do, there is always a Target around...  
  5. Weighting You Options - Check your luggage's weight multiple times throughout the packing process, most importantly after you have finished packing the essentials. As you continue to add or subtract things make sure that you don't go over the limit. 
Following these few simple steps can really help you achieve what I thought was impossible: sharing my luggage! Stay tuned for more fun posts this week, I got the whole scheduling thing down.

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