Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Purchases and Aquisitions: July 2011

At least something haven't changed around here; I am still (successfully) trying not to shop! There was no real need for shopping. Actually there was a need for some closet cleanout...  Remember in May when my Mom gave me that pile of clothes? Well, that really strained my closet space so I have actually been going through a serious closet clean out! Also, with this weight gain (and no subsequent loss) I'm pretty sure none of my pants are going to fit me. Have you notice that I haven't really been wearing pants? I can blame it on the summer but, it's because they don't fit...

While I didn't purchase anything I did get two new dresses.The first one was from my mom which you got to see here because I already wore it to work. The other dress was a hand me down from my friend Caroline which I also wore to work but, you didn't get to see. No, I don't wonder how my closet gets so full but, I know it't not necessarily my fault. Would you say no to awesome free clothes? Would you find a way to make it work or would you get rid of things?

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