Thursday, September 2, 2010

September 2, 2010: Tone It Down

I had to run to work early this morning (with a fever, FUN) so, the posting had to wait until now and I'm tired so, yeah... I like the simple neutral color palate and the pattern mixing. I think I'm getting better at it! I thought about accessorizing with a killer pair of red heels but, comfort won and I went with flats. Hopefully tomorrow I can be a little more exciting and verbose.
  • Top: gray camo/animal print ruffle button down shirt, LOFT 
  • Bottom: black pinstripe suit skirt, Calvin Klein via SYMS
  • Shoes & Accessories: red Bridget Thong Sandal, LOFT/gift from mom (same shoe different color here); red coral earrings, mall kiosk in California; white Hardcore Dior tote, Christian Dior via outlet

Items from this outfit are previsouly seen here and here:


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