Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Purchases: August 2010

Based on the abundance of seemingly new items in my wardrobe you might have assumed that I went wild this month but, that is not the case! I got many amazing gifts from my fabulous friends and family (thanks guys) for my birthday and there are still things in my closet that I haven't worn. But, I did buy two things: this really awesome shirt dress and super practical flyaway sweater from New York and Company! I'll tell you a funny story about that...

I bought the dress ($54.95) and sweater ($29.92) full price because I loved everything about them! But, I got a coupon in the mail from NY&Co. for 30% off everything in the store and I was mildly annoyed. Seriously, you couldn't have sent this to me two days ago? So, I went back to the store with all my items (plus receipt and coupon in hand) to get a price adjustment. When I got to the store and asked one of the managers she informed me that they only did actual price adjustments within a 24 hour period of purchase. So, I explained my coupon situation and she simply stated that I would not have been able to use the coupon to make my purchase so they couldn't do anything for me unless I found the exact same items in the store, returned what I bought, and then purchased the same exact thing... Understanding that this (ridiculous) policy was not her fault I did just that... I found this dress and exchanged the sweater I had originally purchased for the flyaway one. In the end total spent was just under $65.00. I'm ok with that in August because it was my birthday but, this month I need to control myself and not cave to trends. Another "You've Got This" Week is in order!


  1. Some stores are crazy, but you have to know that it isn't worth your while to ever pay full price for anything at NY&Co. The whole store goes on sale monthly, I swear.

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