Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Roundup: 3 Months

Having completed the first three months of this personal style challenge I am in a mood to reflect on what has transpired so far. I feel that I have been (and will continue to be) successful in my initial goals of not repeating outfits but, also showing myself and others that you can make great things with what you already have not just "make-do." In the past three months I have worn 57 different outfits to work; 49 different tops, 6 dresses, 14 skirts, 14 pairs of pant like things (slacks, bermudas, capris, gauchos, etc) and 3 pairs of jeans. Although I'm not really counting them in the outfit as a whole I have used 26 pairs of shoes, 10 necklaces, 19 pairs of earrings, 1 bracelet, and 11 handbags to spice up my outfits. If you do the math you might ascertain that here are some individual pieces that I have worn more than once and that is ok! In fact, that is kind of the point...

I've answered a few reader questions. Please feel free to ask more! I have also shared a few choice weekend looks with you! Is that something that you would like to see more of moving forward?

260 Days, No Repeats has helped me see the potential in my wardrobe and being part of this "blog-o-sphere" has inspired me tremendously. Thanks to everyone who takes the time to check out what I wear, read what I write, and leave me comments! I'm like a kid a Christmas when my BB beeps with an email and I see it's something from one of you! I am also inspired by the challenges that people undertake themselves, as well as, pose to this blogging community. In the first three months I participated in 3 style challenges and even tried for one of my own. Many thanks to Frances Joy of Mad Dress Game for joining me!

This challenge has also helped me curb my spending! I was not a crazy shopaholic but, I had my moments... I found it most difficult to turn down a great deal only to get home and realize that I had something exactly like what I had purchased in my closet or that even though it was a great deal I didn't really love it and therefore didn't use it. That was all money (which is tight for everyone these days) down the drain. In the past three months I have spent $46.00 on clothes and accessories and each one of those things is something I really wanted, still really like, and have used.

One thing that I feel I haven't done a great job of demonstrating as I had wanted to is the use value of my clothing. I would have loved to keep track like some other bloggers do but, to be honest some of my clothes are so old I don't remember when I bought them or how much they were. I will say though you can see that some items (especially the accessories) are used very frequently and naturally have higher use value.

Overall, I am so happy with how things are going to far and really hope that I can keep it up heading twoards the 6 month mark! If there is anything new you would like see please let me know. Again thanks so much for supporting and motivating me, you're the best!!

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