Thursday, July 8, 2010

Question: Where Can I Find Eco-Friendly Interview Clothes?

As I have mentioned before I work in HR and in my time functioning as a Recruiter I have seen alot of hilarious resumes and cover letters, met some "interesting" people, and gotten a good amount of questions. One of the more difficult questions was posed to me by a college student at a job fair. I remember complimenting her on her suit (I feel as thought those people are more serious about their search. First impressions, people!) then we proceeded to discuss a greening initiative that she had worked on at former internship listed on her resume... standard job fair stuff. The two topics melded together and we talked about the accessibility of eco-friendly products and clothing made out of organic/sustainable materials which led her to the questions, "Where can a college student on a budget get an eco-friendly interview outfit?"

To be honest, I was a little stumped... OK fine, really stumped! There are lots of places to buy eco-friendly products made out of organic materials or repurposed items but, where are all the suits? Either way, I was hard pressed to find anything particularly affordable in the standards of a college budget. My best solution: thrifting!! What could be more green that using the resources we have and not consuming or expending more? I don't know why I didn't think of it sooner. That should be the answer to all of life's issues.
You can get a beautiful suit that someone was tired of or doesn't fit into anymore for a small fraction of the price. More importantly, I don't think I've ever seen a suit in a thrift store that cost more than $25! If you don't have one of the big name thrift stores by you you can shop Goodwill online or smaller consignment shops. Anyway you go about it there is a gigantic potential there to find what you are searching for at an affordable price if you take the time to look. Plus, it keeps those discarded clothes out of landfills. Where else would you look?
I love these questions!! Keep them coming...

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  1. Great answer.
    I am so glad that second hand-thrift shops are being given a chance !
    Where I live the mentality is that if you buy second hand your are poor and cheap and so on. They do not see the positive part on the environment or even the thrill of the hunt. They do not know what they are missing !


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