Friday, July 9, 2010

July 9, 2010: Going Through The Motions

I got so many compliments yesterday on my sandals! Which was great but, as an added bonus I noticed that they are already stretching a bit. I passed along the info to everyone who asked me where I got them. In one case the person in questions literally ran back to her office so she could order them in her size... Sure Payless, I'll take some free sandals as commission for all my promoting! How about these?

I'm excited about it being Friday today but, at the same time not as much as I could be if I didn't have a million important things to do this weekend. So getting ready this morning was all about going through the motions... Denim on the bottom? Check. Flip Flops (even though they are not allowed)? Check. T-Shirt? Check. Shirt I would normally wear to work? Check. Counting down the minutes till 5PM? Check!
  • Top: red floral print blouse, Old Navy with a tank top underneath for fun
  • Bottoms: dark denim capris, Macy's
  • Shoes & Accessories: purple flip flops, Bitten via Steve & Barrys (just as comfortable as Havianas but, a small fraction of the cost... come back Steve! How about you Barry?); Tiffany & Co. silver bead earrings; blue Foley + Corrina City Clutch gifted via Plaza Too (not pictured because you've seen them before and I'm being a bit lazy)

Items from this outfit are previously seen here, here, and here:

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